Bruce Clark (Halki I)

Mr. Bruce Clark is a writer, historian and broadcaster whose recent interests have included religion and public policy, the history of southeastern Europe, human rights and international justice.  He joined The Economist magazine in 1998 and has worked there as international security editor (specializing in transatlantic relations and NATO), editor of the international news section (responsible for broad global issues including the environment) and more recently, write-at-large on law, ethics and religion.  His best-selling book Twice A Stranger is a study of forced migration between Greece and Turkey, spawning international discussion on the issue. In An Empire’s New Clothes, he offered a personal view of Russia’s post-communist transition. Before joining The Economist he was diplomatic correspondent for the Financial Times, and before that Moscow correspondent for The Times. Born in Northern Ireland, he studied Social and Political Science at Cambridge University. He was received into the Orthodox Christian Church in 1996.