Marlise Simons (Halki I)

Marlise Simons

Ms. Marlise Simons is a journalist and author whose work has focused on the environment and, more recently, international justice and the war crimes tribunals.  She has worked for The New York Times since 1982, covering social, cultural, science and political issues, initially from Mexico as well as Central and South America.  In Brazil, she reported on the environmental and human crisis provoked by deforestation in the Amazon.  A series of articles addressed the wide range of ecological disasters in Africa and Eastern Europe, especially after the collapse of Communism. Before joining The New York Times, she wrote for The Washington Post and NRC-Handelsblad (in her native Netherlands).  She has received several awards, including the Maria Moors Cabot Prize (from Columbia University) for distinguished work in Latin American.  She has contributed to magazines and documentaries.  Her books include Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1986), The Smoking Mirror (1987), and The Prosecutor and the Judge (co-authored, 2009).