Dr. Christina Nellist

Dr. Nellist is an Orthodox Theologian specializing in animal suffering and human soteriology. Her book Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Animal Suffering: Ancient Voices in Modern Theology was published in 2018. She is co-founder and editor of Pan-Orthodox Concern for Animals and writes articles giving a theological perspective on animal suffering and contemporary animal protection issues. Her latest presentation is on the IOTA website. She is founder and Honorary Chairperson of the Seychelles Orthodox Christian Community, which led to the establishment of a functioning Church in the Seychelles. Her present research explores the engagement between the Orthodox Church and Animal Protection agencies and works ecumenically, on a UK research project on a Christian Ethics of Farmed Animal Welfare. She is a former Educational Consultant in the UK and Pakistan and worked with the Chief Veterinary Officers of Chile and the Seychelles on stray-dog control, school and public health education programs.