Dr. Günay Kocasoy

Dr. Gunay Kocasoy

After graduating from Robert College in Istanbul as Chemical Engineer, Günay Kocasoy attended Franklin University (USA), where she studied Business/Industrial Administration. She has also received an MS and PhD from the Istanbul University’s Institute of Marine Sciences. She is currently working at Bogazici University Institute of Environmental Sciences as full Professor. She has acted as consultant to many public and private institutions/companies. Her research field is water and wastewater treatment, solid waste and medical waste management, solid waste technologies, environmental management systems, ISO 14000 standards, ethics and the business world. She has served as one of the founders and the president of the Turkish National Committee on Solid Wastes, ISWA/Turkey, and the Vice-President of the Kriton Curi Environmental Foundation. She has been carrying on the secretarial work of the ISWA-Balcanian, Mediterranean, MiddleEast Regional Development Network. Finally, she has edited 21 books and authored over 300 articles and papers.