Fr. Lino Breda

Fr. Lino Breda was born in Schio (Vicenza) and educated at the University of Padua, where he received his Professional Doctorate of Pharmacy with a dissertation on Unity in the Biological World: itinerary from simple to complex, from small to big, and viceversa. He also attended the Advanced School of Art History under the direction of Rodolfo Pallucchini. In 1983, he entered the monastic ecumenical community of Bose in northern Italy (, whose founder and prior is Fr. Enzo Bianchi. In 1988, he completed postgraduate studies in Jerusalem, with a diploma in Oriental Biblical Studies and Archaeology at the Studium Biblicum of the Pontifical University Antonianum of Rome. He returned to Bose and made his monastic profession in 1991, serving the community as novice master and guestmaster; currently, he is secretary of the community and member of the Scientific Committee of the International Ecumenical Conferences on Orthodox Spirituality.