His Grace Bishop Ignatije of Branicevo

Bishop Ignatije Midić was born on 17 October 1954 in Knez Selo, Serbia. He is professor of dogmatic theology at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Theology, and a well-known contemporary orthodox theologian in Serbia. His theological conceptions are mostly influenced by St. Maxim the Confessor and Metropolitan John Zizioulas. He develops the basic teaching of the Church about the human person not only as a separate dogmatic or ecclesiological notion but rather in the context of theology as a whole. He became bishop in 1994 with his See in Požarevac. He is head of the diocese of Požarevac and Braničevo. On 26 June 2018, he was elected dean of the Orthodox Theological Faculty of the University of Belgrade for the period from 2018 to 2021.