Katerina Pekridou

Katerina Pekridou serves the Conference of European Churches as Executive Secretary for Theological Dialogue. Her work focuses on ecclesiology and mission and involves cooperation with church-related academic institutions and theological faculties. Prior to this appointment, she taught intercultural theology and mission studies at the Institute for Missiology and the Study of Theologies Beyond Europe (University of Münster, Germany), where she served as academic associate. Her ecumenical experience includes consulting for the World Council of Churches Faith and Order Commission, and participation in the Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (2013) as student, and as organizer and facilitator (2017). Katerina is member of the Network of Institutions of Higher Ecumenical Theological Education of WCC, and member of the executive committee of the Global Forum of Theological Educators. She is co-editor of the ‘Orthodox Handbook on Ecumenism: Resources for Theological Education’ (2013). Since 2009 she is member of Volos Academy for Theological Studies (Greece).