Mother Theoxeni

Mother Abbess Theoxeni was born in Athens, where she studied Social Work and Pastoral Theology at the University of Athens. In 1977, along with the late Abbess Theosemni and one other sister, she settled in the then ruined Monastery of the Life-Giving Spring (Chrysopigi) in Chania, Crete, which they restored, while at the same time reviving the monastic and liturgical tradition of the Monastery. Following the passing of Abbess Theosemni in 2000, she was elected Abbess of the Monastery of Chrysopigi. The present sisterhood of Chrysopigi, which has grown over the years under her supervision, has been putting into action a wide-ranging program for the protection of the environment, in accordance with the Orthodox Christian tradition. Educational programs for young people are organized by sisters with a relevant scientific training, while conferences and seminars on theological and environmental issues, especially referring to the spiritual questions of modern humanity, are held in a restored building of the Monastery.