Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis

Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis teaches World Religions at the American College of Thessaloniki and is participating in the Master’s program of Orthodox Ecumenical Theology (and environmental studies) at the International Hellenic University. His post-doctoral research is on the interreligious aspects of climate change. He is member of the board of CEMES (Center of Ecumenical, Missiological and Environmental Studies “Metropolitan Panteleimon Papageorgiou”) and the Greek National Contact of Globethics.net as well as member of the advisory board on issues concerning climate ethics. He is also a singer/composer; in 2018, he concluded his World Tour SMILE, a concept based on Ethics, Environment and Music, offering concerts and lectures in all five continents. At the conclusion of his tour, he presented his project in Costa Rica with a closing lecture at the 28th Annual CCIS Conference on “Creating Sustainability in Education Abroad.”