Nina Antonetti

Dr.┬áNina Antonetti, an architectural and landscape historian, is a founding member of landscape studies and food studies at Smith College in Massachusetts. She has been visiting historian at the Conway School of Landscape Design, Massachusetts, and is a fellow at the Center for Creative Solutions at Marlboro College, Vermont. She has traveled to diverse landscapes, including the Sonoran Desert, Northwest Territories, and West Indies, to analyze tensions between natural and built environments, proposing solutions for ecological regeneration and social justice. She completed a book on Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, a pioneer of sustainable landscape architecture, to be published by the Library of American Landscape History. In another book project, Antonetti promotes Keney Park “one of the largest urban public spaces in New England, but considered one of the most dangerous places in Hartford, Connecticut” as a case study for how urban landscapes can help mitigate climate change and mobilize citizenry.