Selim Sanin

Dr. Selim Sanin

Dr. Selim L. Sanin is associate professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering at Hacettepe University.  After receiving his BS degree from Middle East Technical University (METU), in Ankara, Turkey (1986), Dr. Sanin received his PhD from Duke University, USA (1996).  His research interests focus on biotechnology applications in environmental engineering, sustainable environmental systems and ethical dimensions in environmental engineering. Dr. Sanin considers the transition of current man-made production and treatment concepts to sustainable and cleaner systems, as the biggest challenge of environmental engineering. He strongly believes that understanding ecosystems and mimicking nature as a system in engineering will provide environmental sustainability.  Dr. Sanin has contributed to a number peer reviewed publications. Currently, he is Director of Environmental Research Center at Hacettepe University. He has been Vice Chair of the Continuing Education Center and the Associate Dean of the School of Engineering.