Theodota Nantsou

Ms. Theodota Nantsou is Environmental Policy Coordinator at WWF Greece. She studied philosophy in Athens (Greece) and holds a Master’s degree in environmental ethics from Lancaster (UK). Actively involved in the Greek environmental movement since 1990, she has worked for many NGOs in hands-on conservation activities. Her current focus at WWF Greece is on green economy, environmental policy development, monitoring of legislation and lobbying. Theodota has also worked on the vital role of religion in raising environmental awareness and engaging societies in environmental action, collaborating with the Ecumenical Patriarchate on such issues since 1994. She has co-authored or prefaced a number of books on environmental policy and ethics, as well as written many articles in the Greek and international press regarding the need for green reform at all policy levels. She most recently co-authored The Green Crisis (Stamouli Publications, 2010) and edited A Legal Guide for Environmental Protection (WWF Greece, 2009).